SCAA Sr Tennis GBSSA Qualifier Results

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Below is a list of SCAA qualifiers by division who will be competing in the Sr Tennis GBSSA championship at the Cranberry Resort in Collingwood on Oct. 5th.

Girls Singles

1st – Palm (Bear Creek)

2nd – Mucibabic (Bear Creek)

3rd – Ceklic (Eastview)


Boys Singles

1st – Granulo (OSS)

2nd – Goetz (Eastview)

3rd – Sayed (Bradford)


Girls Doubles

 1st – Ossipov/Nellen (Bear Creek)

2nd – Rapson/McFadden (Eastview)

3rd – Fee/McLean (Eastview)


Boys Doubles

 1st – McMullin/Wright (CCI)

2nd – Wales/Ruhl (Banting)

3rd – Burke/Weeks (Eastview)


Mixed Doubles

1st – Foerster/Kirby (Banting)

2nd – Beeching/Span (Banting)

3rd – Gross/Stevenson (Eastview)