Nordic Skiing

GBSSA Nordic Calendar of Events  2018-2019


CCI Winter Hustle                                         Wednesday December 19th         Highlands Nordic             Duntroon


Hardwood Invitational I                               Wednesday December 19th         Hardwood Ski&Bike        Oro


Thames Valley                                                 Wednesday January 9th               Hardwood Ski&Bike        Oro


Great Wolf Invitational                                  Monday January 14th                   Sawmill Trails                   Hepworth


Phoenix                                                               Tuesday January 15th                     Mountainview                  Midland


Hardwood Invitational  II                             Wednesday January 16th            Hardwood Ski&Bike        Oro


SIMCOE COUNTY (and most other jurisdictions)

MORATORIUM for Sports, Clubs etc…  and EXAM PERIOD

 January 17th – February 1st



Mayfield                                                          Thursday  February 7th                   Highlands Nordic              Duntroon


GBSSA  Championships                            Wed February 13th (15th rain)         Highlands Nordic              Duntroon


OFSAA                                                           Wed Feb 27th –  Fri Mar 1st            Highlands Nordic              Duntroon