Nordic Skiing

GBSSA Nordic Calendar of Events  2019-2020

CCI Winter Hustle                         Wednesday Dec 18th                    Highlands Nordic  Duntroon

Hardwood Invitational #1            Wednesday Dec 18th                     Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro

Thames Valley                                Wednesday Jan 8th                        Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro

Great Wolf Invitational                 Monday Jan 13th                            Sawmill Trails                   Hepworth

Phoenix Invitational                      Wed Jan 15th (16th rain)                Georgian Nordic  Parry Sound

Hardwood Invitational #2            Wednesday Jan 15th                     Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro


SIMCOE COUNTY (and most other jurisdictions)

MORATORIUM for Sports, Clubs etc… and exam period

January 16th – January 31st

Huron Perth Races                        Tuesday Feb 4th                              Highlands Nordic  Duntroon

Mayfield                                         Thursday Feb 6th                           Highlands Nordic  Duntroon

GBSSA                                              Wed Feb 12th (13th rain)               Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro

OFSAA                                             Wednesday Feb 19th Friday Feb 21st Arrowhead Nordic          Huntsville