Nordic Skiing

GBSSA Nordic Calendar of Events  2019-2020

CCI Winter Hustle                         Wednesday Dec 18th                    Highlands Nordic  Duntroon

Hardwood Invitational #1            Wednesday Dec 18th                     Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro

Thames Valley                                Wednesday Jan 8th                        Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro

Great Wolf Invitational                 Monday Jan 13th                            Sawmill Trails                   Hepworth

Phoenix Invitational                      Wed Jan 15th (16th rain)                Georgian Nordic  Parry Sound

Hardwood Invitational #2            Wednesday Jan 15th                     Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro


SIMCOE COUNTY (and most other jurisdictions)

MORATORIUM for Sports, Clubs etc… and exam period

January 16th – January 31st

Huron Perth Races                        Tuesday Feb 4th                              Highlands Nordic  Duntroon

Dr. G.W. Williams HS Invitational                    Wednesday Feb 5th                      Horseshoe Resort

Mayfield                                         Thursday Feb 6th                           Highlands Nordic  Duntroon

GBSSA                                              Wed Feb 12th (13th rain)               Hardwood Ski & Bike           Oro

OFSAA                                             Wednesday Feb 19th Friday Feb 21st Arrowhead Nordic          Huntsville


Thames Valley –

Great Wolf Invitational –

Hardwood Invitational #2 –

Phoenix Invitational –