SCAA Sr Tennis GBSSA Qualifier Results

Below are the results from the SCAA Sr tennis GBSSA qualifier. Top 3 finalists from the qualifier move onto the GBSSA Sr tennis championship which will be held Oct. 3rd at the Cranberry Resort in Collingwood.

Girls Doubles:

1st  Brianna Christos / Brinley Cornaby (Banting)

2nd Kolby McLean / Abi Fee (Eastview)

3rd Kate Stacey / Madison Rynard (Orillia)


Boys doubles :

1-Sam Burke/Tristen Goetz (Eastview)

2-Marco Chak/Issac Grass (Nottawasaga Pines)

3-Roy Wales/Tanner Darlington (Banting)


Mixtes doubles :

1- Bennet Wright/Sarah Maurer (CCI)

2- Luke Foley/Elise McKonkey (Le Caron)

3-Maia Davey/Quinn Bales (Banting)


Boys Singles :

1- Kenan Granulo (OSS)

2- Kyle MacLean (Bradford)

3- Riley McCluskey (Eastview)


Girls Singles :

1-Veranika Tynovska (Eastview)

2- Kristina Mucibabic (Bear Creek)

3- Kirsten Wales (Banting)