SCAA Tennis Results

The SCAA Tennis tournament results are in!

Here are the top 3 results from each category:

Boys Singles

1st Ianniello (Eastview)

2nd Hendriks (Eastview)

3rd Hennig (Bear Creek)

Girls Singles

1st Ossipov (Bear Creek)

2nd Williamson (Eastview)

3rd Beachli (CCI)

Boys Doubles

1st Burke/Goetz (Eastview)

2nd MacLean/MacLean (Bradford)

3rd Casey-Shaw/Hanley (CCI)

Girls Doubles

1st Christos/Cornaby (Banting)

2nd Hammes/Hoppe (Eastview)

3rd Ens/Evans (Le Caron)

Mixed Doubles

1st Granulo/Langner (OSS)

2nd Kirby/Parsons (Banting)

3rd Aubry/Jeffrey (CCI)

Congratulations to all competitors!