Year in Review: Collingwood Fighting Owls

The school year may have been cut short, but the Collingwood Collegiate Institute athletics community still made the most of it. 

That’s why the coaches and teachers who run the school sports decided to carry on with the annual athletics banquet with a few modifications. The ceremony became a video and coaches made home visits to the major award winners to present plaques on porches. 

This year’s winners include: 
Hailey Abbott: Junior Girls Athlete of the Year 

Marcus Lougheed: Junior Boys Athlete of the Year 

Sophie Ohrling: Senior Girls Athlete of the Year

Jack Czerny: Senior Boys Athlete of the Year 

Sanna Huyssen and Jackson Aikens: Jordan Gardhouse Award for athletics and academics (presented to a female and a male winner annually). 

(Article By: CollingwoodToday Staff )

You can watch the full athletics awards video here:

SCAA and GBSSA Championships

AAA Jr Boys Football

OFSAA Athletes

Genevieve Cook – Alpine Skiing

Hillary Crossan – Alpine Skiing

Sarah Copnick – Alpine Skiing

Ella Danby – Alpine Skiing

Kendal Lockhart – Alpine Skiing

Bridget Matchett – Alpine Skiing

Jessica Nattress – Alpine Skiing

Riley Reai – Alpine Skiing

Megan Scott – Alpine Skiing

Addison Sloan – Alpine Skiing

Gabby Wall – Alpine Skiing

Matt Basin – Alpine Skiing

Jayden Buckrell – Alpine Skiing

Briden Cardillo – Alpine Skiing

Brodie Casey-Shaw – Alpine Skiing

Kai Cockerill – Alpine Skiing

Jasper Issler – Alpine Skiing

Ryder Metcalf – Alpine Skiing

Adam Millsap – Alpine Skiing

Max Sloan – Alpine Skiing

Taiga Young – Alpine Skiing

Hailey Abbott – Nordic Skiing

Megan Howell – Nordic Skiing

Avery O’Neill – Nordic Skiing

Leah Ray – Nordic Skiing

Ben Cornell – Nordic Skiing

Peter Earl – Nordic Skiing

Braxton Dickey -Nordic Skiing

Max Nilsson – Nordic Skiing

Emma Cornell – Nordic Skiing

Maddie Stymiest – Nordic Skiing

Anna Bowman – Nordic Skiing

Mikayla Oommen – Nordic Skiing

Isabel Lewin – Nordic Skiing

Sadie Campbell – Nordic Skiing

Sanna Huyssen – Nordic Skiing

Ingrid Pederson – Nordic Skiing

Hayden McCulloch – Nordic Skiing

Jack Czerny – Nordic Skiing

Oliver Czerny – Nordic Skiing

Jake Korpi – Nordic Skiing