GB Jr Tennis Qualifiers

Congratulations to the Student-Athletes who qualified to represent SCAA @ GBSSA Championships on June 6th!

Boys Singles:

  1. Shobeir (Bear Creek)
  2. Marling (Bear Creek)
  3. Whyte (Le Caron)
  4. Hampshire (Eastview)   (additional entry to GBs)

Girls Singles:

  1. Obanor (Eastview)
  2. McLaughlan (CCI)
  3. Sproule (CCI)
  4. Philips (Le Caron)    (additional entry to GBs)

Boys Doubles:

  1.  Kett/Cole (Bear Creek)
  2. Ahmad/Shaw (Bear Creek)
  3. Hammond/Grossman (CCI)

Girls Doubles:

  1. Linklater/Long (CCI)
  2. Jones/White (CCI)
  3. Piexoto/Jordan (Bant)

Mixed Doubles:

  1. Chalut/Hilditch (Bear Creek)
  2. Vandermerwe/Farnell (CCI)