SCAA JR Tennis GBSSA Qualifier Results

Congrats to all Student-athletes who competed at the Junior Tennis GBSSA Qualifier on May 23rd! Top 3 teams from each division qualify for GBSSA Championships on Wednesday, May 31st in Collingwood.

Girls Singles:

1st:  Obanor (ESS)

2nd:  Satchkova (ESCNA)

3rd:  Handley (BMHS)

4th:  no entry

Boys Singles:

1st:  Templeton (BMHS)

2nd:  LePage (LEC)

3rd:  Henry (ESS)

4th:  Cornaby (BMHS)

Girls Doubles:

1st:  Hand/Wrigth (ESS)

2nd:  Robbins/Langguth (ESS)

3rd:  Natale/Opanasenko (BDHS)

4th:  MacMillian/Golloher (BMHS)

Boys Doubles:

1st:  Hammond/Delgado (CCI)

2nd:  Kouladji/Hill (ESS)

3rd:  Hampshire/Gilbert (ESS)

4th:  Doucette/Brooks (ESCNA)

Mixed Doubles:

1st:  Kihel/Robitaille

2nd:  Mackell/Lahaie

3rd:  no entry